Frequently Asked Questions (English)

Q : Why’s Hajime Furuto?

A : Actually, Hajime Furuto is a Thai Brand which two words derived from Japanese . In Japan, Hajime means
the beginning while Furuto is the words that the Japanese used for calling the flute. Thus, the combination of these two words, Hajime Furuto means the flute for the
beginning and it is the flute for the beginner.

Q : So, Hajime Furuto is really for the beginner?

A : Not exactly, consider the Hajime Furuto is not the professional level. Not only apprentice but any
flute player could play this instrument, depending on their budget and satisfaction. And in the future,
Hajime Furuto will provide the flute which made from more precious material as such silver. And we’ll not
going to sell the flute too expensive, for the intermediate flute player who developing their skill to more
advanced level.

Q : Why Hajime Furuto is not expensive?

A : Hajime Furuto is a standard flute for the beginner. Our factory locates in main land, China. As we all
know that the wage for the worker in China is not so high, this makes Hajime Furuto continue distributing
the flute for less.

Q : And the quality of the flute?

A : Sure, for everyday rehearsing purpose. If the flute is well cared, Hajime Furuto flute will last at least
two years. A two – year of practicing is quite enough for a serious flute player to develop their skill.
After that, they might need to look for a new higher level flute.

Q : Hajime Furuto and other student grade flutes, in comparision?

A : Comparing Hajime Furuto flute with the American student grade flutes, Hajime Furuto gives warmer
tonality. While compare with the Yamaha student grade, the Yamaha flute gives better tonality and warmer
tone than the Hajime Furuto flute. Eventhough the tonality of the Hajime Furuto flute is a bit weaker
than the Yamaha but Hajime Furuto flute is good enough to be the flute that used among students and
amateur flutists.

Q : What about the warranty?

A : To be honest, this is not a full warranty, even it is a 1 year limited. In case of defects by our production line,
please contact us, leave the flute and we will do all the rest. This condition do not cover the paddings, misuse of
the flute accident that occurs to which cause severe damge and the flute that kept in bad condition.
Because Hajime Furuto has distributed the flute for lesser price. At this level, you will find other cheap flutes
with are nickel plated. But Hajime Furuto is silver plated finished. This makes us difference and it proofs that
Hajime Furuto gives you better value. Hajime Furuto has well inspected every flute before distributing  to the
customer. No matter which channel the customer purchase the flute. We have confidence in our flutes.

Q : How to take care of my flute?

A : This is gonna be long and in detail answer, because Hajime Furuto flute is silver plated musical
instrument, the flute must be well maintained.
The inside of the flute, after every practicing session, take the flute apart. The flute must be cleaned
by a cleaning rod with an absorbable thin cloth. Thrust the rod inside the flute to make it dry.
On the outside, apply one or two drops of water entire the lip plate, rub it gently to remove the dirt
from lip plate and wipe it dry. Prepare at least to micro fibre clothes to gently polish every part of the flute
one cloth at a time to remove the dirt from the flute. The clothes must be washed at least once a week to
remove the dirt, as well.
In case of the flute looks dull after reacting with moisture in the air, you can apply a silver cloth to
the flute. Gently rub it until your flute becomes shinny. But not to apply the silver cloth too often,
because it will thinner the silver plated layer on the flute.
If you feel that the flute is very darken and dirty, apply a silver polish onto the surface and polish it
gently. Not to use any metal polish onto the flute because it will permanently damage the silver surface.
If the silica gel given has changed the colour from deep blue to violet, get it unpacked and fill it in a
ceramic container. Put it into a microwave oven use low watt to remove moisture from the gel, I would
say 300 watt and get it heated about ten minutes. Leave it until it’s got into normal temperature and fill it
back to the zipped bags. So you can reuse your silica gel many time.

Q : Apart from Hajime Furuto flute, will you be a distributor for any other brands?
A : Please keep an eye on Hajime Furuto in the near future.

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